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This class is a mix of traditional jazz and funk. In this class, students will focus on flexibility, corner work, and technique. Combinations and a routine are worked on.


We aim to use age-appropriate music and don’t use inappropriate moves in our choreography.


This class involves deportment, technique, poise and grace. Ballet gives strength and coordination.


Ballet is the foundation for all other dance styles and is essential for any student who is serious about their dancing.


We follow the ATOD syllabus.

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Is a fusion between jazz and ballet technique. It focuses on being able to interpret the accompanying music in an emotionally expressive way.


It also focuses on body awareness and finding and experimenting with new ways to move and create steps that are not usual to the styles of jazz and ballet including a lot of floor work.


This class is available to our juniors, intermediates pre-seniros, and seniors.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an expression of free movement.

The latest music is used. The style is similar to what is used on many commercial video clips today.

Dance to the latest age-appropriate music and be challenged.



Students learn routines with tricks.  Working on mats in a safe environment the students learn about their bodies, core strength, and improving flexibility.


Skills such as cartwheels, handstands, walkovers,backbends and more are taught in a safe environment.

Step in Time are registered with Acrobatic Arts.

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Musical Theatre

Students will sing, dance, and act their way through this class.


Suited to school-age children who can’t get enough of the spotlight.

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Students like this class because it’s noisy. It teaches rhythm and coordination. Students will shuffle, pickup, wing, and time-step their way to an end of year concert routine.


We follow the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus. Students who are ready will be invited to sit an annual exam. The class consists of barre, center, corner and a routine.


Shoes with tap plates are used. Please see your teacher before purchasing shoes.

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