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The NSW Government is helping make dance and performing arts more affordable for families by providing Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers. Step in Time Talent Studio is an official provider, and we accept both these types of vouchers. For effective management of this scheme, Step in Time Talent Studio requires all voucher codes to be lodged via the online form only. We cannot accept the vouchers through any other method. 

Redeem a Voucher

Step In Time Talent Studio will ONLY credit your account once we have received reimbursement for this voucher from Service NSW. The length of this process is outside of our control - their systems take a few weeks. The credit is applied to your annual invoice. 

Vouchers cannot be not redeemed for cash, either fully or partially and is only redeemable while this child is enrolled at Step In Time Talent Studio . Voucher value is strictly not refundable as per the terms of conditions set by the NSW government. 

Should Step In Time Talent Studio encounter any problem when we lodge your voucher, you will receive an email from us to notify you. It will then be your responsibility to follow up with service NSW. Step In Time Talent Studio can not follow up on your behalf.


For more information about the vouchers you can visit

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